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so much time has gone by, i can't even begin to remember what happened last time, so, yeah >.> ummmmm, there was prom? and Conchord had a birthday, aaaaaand Taylor got yet another animal. i think that is about it for highlights, so, on with the show!

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don't say i never get you anything >.> loooool! PREVIOUSLY: the Doyles had to move from France to Appaloosa Plains because EA hates me, their bb's grew up, the Doyles got a dog named Lola, aaaaaand... that's about it. now, on with the show!

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just wanted to let everyone know that i have endured quite the
crappy last few weeks, what with falling ill, and having one eye swollen, and
now i found out this morning that my Aunt died in a car accident on her
way to work. needless to say, my hiatus has likely just extended.


i'll be back as soon as i can, but, you know how life goes. <3 love you all


previously, the Doyles moved to France and i spent a ridiculous amount of time redoing the entire world of Champs les Sims, as well as decorating the new Doyle home, which has sadly availed to naught. after installing Pets, as i am sure most of you know, the broken _RIG files completely asploded my CC, and all available RIG fixes did not render Champs Les Sims playable even in the slightest, so, i chucked it all in the trash, and started over fresh, moving the Doyles YET AGAIN to the new world of Appaloosa Plains.

now, won't you join me for a small tour?
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last time: there was a marriage, and there was drama, and a baby was born! i think that was what happened anyway, it has been so long >.> at any rate, without further shenanigans, i bring to you, the Doyle Legacy 6.1.

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my sciatic nerve has gone haywire, i cannot sit down or stand up or lay down for long stretches of time, so, i kind of just have to get up when i get uncomfortable, and find a position that doesn't hurt. simming is a no go right now, and i don't know when i will be back, hopefully shortly after pets, maybe a week or so after its release i am unsure, it depends on how i heal.

anyhoo, love you guys! <3